Wednesday, February 8, 2012

HOLY MACKEREL - What's up with Freon?

HOLY MACKEREL!!!!! The cost of R-22 FREON for central air conditioners has blasted into orbit within the last few weeks. Yes, we all knew this was coming but folks, it is here. After checking with several supply houses, we also were told A/C companies may be rationed on the number of drums purchased. Can you say “demand”? We have thousands upon thousands of homeowners whose A/C units require R-22. This is not a small price increase, this is a HUGE price increase should your unit need to be repaired. So, if you have an A/C unit that has given you problems in the past, you need to prepare for expensive repairs if you choose to keep repairing.

As you may recall, as of January 1, 2010, manufacturers could no longer make and ship units using R-22. All new units made and shipped come with 410-A Freon (Eco-friendly) since that date. However, manufacturers could make the units and ship “dry” (no Freon) and R-22 could be added in the field by the contractor. This filled a certain need for customers who only wanted an outdoor unit installed with the use of R-22. What was not taken into consideration (or maybe it was) was the cost of R-22. As R-22 Freon continues being phased out, the price will keep rising.

Things that are most important to do are make sure your unit is in tip top shape by having annual tune-ups, keep filters changed or cleaned as required and report any problems as soon as you know one exists. The best plan is to plan ahead to replace R-22 units. You will pay more upfront for a new air conditioning system that is in compliance with the EPA 410-A regulation but you will enjoy energy savings, better indoor comfort and no worries about Freon being phased out anytime soon.

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