Monday, August 24, 2009

A "Fishy Story" by Tom Hasselschwert

It is 4:23 AM—the alarm was set for 5:00 AM—I can’t wait for the morning to get here—I turn off the clock alarm, I peak out the window to see how strong the wind is blowing the trees around-----just a hint of a breeze----perfect---this should be a great morning on the water---I rub the sleep out of my eyes and brew a pot of coffee, I’m ready! The boat is already hitched to the truck from the night before—I load up my rods and my thermos of coffee and I leave the house at 4:52, proud that I was able to pull away before the original 5:00 AM wake up time.

The streets are quiet and empty—just he way I like ‘em—I head straight to the boat ramp and slowly back down the ramp. I ease the boat trailer into the water, being extra careful not to make a big splash. That slight breeze a minute ago has faded to barely a whisper and the water in the cove appears to be glass in the pale, fading moonlight. I slowly motor the boat to the dock and tie it off and allow it top idle and warm up as I park the truck and empty trailer.

As I start back toward the dock and my idling boat, my walk seems to slow and I find myself fast walking, almost a run to get in the boat, I settle in and push off the dock. At just idle speed, I head away from the dock and cross back over the ramp, at this time I start to survey where my first cast should be. Then I hear a familiar sound, my bilge pump has turned on and has started pumping out water! In my haste I forgot one important step; the drain plug for the bottom of the boat. I throw the throttle into neutral and grab a flashlight. I find the loose plug and the hole it should be in; reunite the two and we are in business again.

As the moon fades away the sun starts to slowly glow in the distance. This a great time to catch fish; especially bass---bass love eating breakfast and I love serving them.

See bass are the fish that eat other fish. They like to hide out and wait for smaller fish and other swimming prey to venture close enough to make it worth their effort. The larger the bass the less chasing it will be willing to do! In my short years of battling with these elusive creatures, I’ve noticed the largest catches I’ve made have been very close to “cover”. In the bass business, “cover” is anything that the fish can hide in, around, under or near. I look for cover-----------

To be Continued next week....

Tom is our Residential Sales Expert here at Chapman Air & Heat. Besides being an excellent fisherman, he is also a darn good writer. So, we asked Tom to write us a couple of "fishy" stories which we will be publishing over the coming weeks. Little did we know that he was going to go out and start a full fledged series. Ahh well, there again is that over-achieving spirit we have come to expert here a Chapman Air & Heat. If you have your own fishy stories, please let us know, or write a comment on this article.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family Pet Friendly Company-Pets Need to be Comfortable, too!

Don't let you beloved pet suffer during the hot Texas days. Chapman provides priority service for our very important family members. Call (214) 340-4999 to find out how we can keep your ENTIRE family comfortable.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Facebook, Twitter and youTube

Chapman Air and Heat can now be found almost anywhere on the internet. We are now on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This is all in an effort to bring you the most up-to-date information about the services we offer. Chapman Air and Heat has been servicing the Dallas and surrounding area since 1981, and we have a reputation of being friendly, couteous and professional.
Try us out, and see if we will not surpass your expectations.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

EPA to Phase out R-22 Refrigerant

EPA to Phase out R-22 Refrigerant

Are you ready for the phase-out of freon (R-22) for your home’s air conditioner?
If not and you are thinking about replacing your equipment, here is some helpful information:

Most existing air conditioners that are 5 years old or older use R-22, which was commonplace. As of January 2010, equipment manufacturer’s can no longer make air conditioning units that require R-22. There will be a supply of R-22 to use for servicing existing equipment until 2020. The newer environmentally friendly freon, 410A, has been used for several years but now it is government mandated this will be the freon used for residential air conditioning units.

As a consumer, you will be limited on what type of equipment you can use in your home if you are not aware of the guidelines. For important information, please go to the EPA website or visit our website