Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family Pet Friendly Company-Pets Need to be Comfortable, too!

Don't let you beloved pet suffer during the hot Texas days. Chapman provides priority service for our very important family members. Call (214) 340-4999 to find out how we can keep your ENTIRE family comfortable.


  1. To the Fantastic Team at Chapman Air and Heat.
    I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude for taking care of our air conditioning crisis.

    I called you Monday morning, July 13th, because our Downstairs air conditioner had gone out the previous Friday. Of-course I was told it would be Tuesday or Wednesday before you could get to me and I understood that. After all, it was already Monday and I was honestly pleased that you could get to me that fast. Upon further conversation with Vicki Chase, I mentioned my concerns for our Golden Retiever - Jack, who has entered his "golden years" and suffers from hip problems and anhtritis. He is uncommonly large, at 125pounds and he will no longer go up the stairs where there was air conditioning. Because of his size, we cannot carry him up there. Vicki put me on hold and came back and informed me that they would be taking care of me that day! she told me that they take care of everyone with special needs, including animal family members. They completed the job that Monday evening and every member of the crew was polite, knowledgeable and professional.

    We still cant believe how quickly everything was taken care of! Thank you Chapman Ait and Heat for listening to what mattered to us and caring enough to get the job done in record time. NOT only are we enjoying a system that will cool better and more efficiently, but Jake is once again his happy, nap loving self!. you have a forever customer in us.

    Barb C, Plano TX.

  2. To see a picture of Jake - click on the link below.

    Jake's Picture