Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Positive Things to Say about Our Leader, Boss, Head Honcho…?

The Big Cheese
More times than not, you hear employees complain about their working conditions, under appreciated, over-worked and on and on. Finally, they identify who they perceive as causing their problems…surprise, surprise, their boss.
However, here at Chapman we see things differently and yes; the problem is our boss, Marvin Chapman…but in a good way! After asking around, here are a few things Chapman employees in the field and in the office had to say.
  •  He’s the first one in and the last one out
  • Allows you to express yourself, even when you may be upset
  • More than fair
  • Encourages us to act like we own the business
  • Able to make the hard calls
  • Good voice of reasoning
  • Positive and supportive
  • Places value on his employees
  • Always makes time for you
  • Listens tentatively and offers suggestions
  • Excellent referee between co-workers
  • Door is always open-doesn’t hide behind a desk
  • Gets in the trenches with us
  • Takes the high road
  • Fix the problem, not the blame attitude
  • Encourages working as a team, being a family
  • Big heart, genuinely cares for the staff
  • Promotes being the best you can be
  • Communication is always welcomed, positive or negative and that is valued.
Marvin Chapman
Since a person spends so much of their time at work, it is extremely important to have a positive environment. Being in a service business, it may be even more important to have a positive work environment as your customers can pick up on the type of attitude an employee has on the phone or at their home.  Several of our customers have commented on how an employee spoke highly of his company and the leader.
All companies have their share of problems and we are no different. However, how you are lead speaks volumes and we happen to be a company who appreciates the type of leader we have.
What do you think about your work environment? We would like to hear about all those great bosses out there!