Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Is it Time to Fire up Your Home Furnace?

As the weather begins to change and we bid farewell to summer, its time to start thinking about one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home: the furnace. Most homeowners forget about the furnace until it is too late, and, if you had any problems with yours last winter, then now is definitely the time to take action.

Waiting to fire up your furnace until you actually need it could cause problems. It happens every year, the first cold snap hits and the phones at the heating and air conditioning companies light up and many people find themselves going a few days without heat as they compete with every other homeowner with furnace issues for an appointment. Don’t be left out in the cold, act now.

Heating systems are usually reliable and require very little repair if they are given regular maintenance. But without this regular maintenance a furnace could lose efficiency or cease to function all together.

To give your furnace and heating system a test run, set the thermostat at least five degrees warmer than the current temperature in the room. In a minute or two your heater should come on and you should be able to feel the heat blowing into the room. If the system does not come on you can check a few things before calling in a pro.

The first place to look is the thermostat. It may sound simple, but check to see that it is turned on. All modern thermostats have an on off switch, but they may not be clearly labeled with an “on” position. The “on” position is usually labeled “heat” or “cool.” Obviously you want to make sure the switch is in the “heat” position. If you have a programmable thermostat, refer to your user manual on how to bypass the current setting. If the heater still does not come on you’ll want to check to see if your thermostat has a replaceable battery and check it. There is nothing worse than paying one hundred and fifty bucks or more for a service technician come out to the house just to change a battery.

If your heater still does not fire up, look for an on/off switch at the furnace itself. It looks just like a light switch and is often attached to the unit itself, or very nearby. Make sure the switch is on. If your switch is on and the furnace has still yet to run, check the breakers in your electric panel. The breaker could have tripped and the solution to the problem could be as easy as flipping the switch. If all switches are on, and you are certain you have paid all your gas / electric bills then its time to call in the experts. You could have a small problem, or a catastrophic one, but from this point on, you need someone who knows the workings of the system, as well as electrical knowledge to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Call Chapman Air & Heat at 214-340-4999 and a technician will be able to come out and tell you exactly what needs to be done. We also offer maintenance programs, to save you all these hassles by coming out at regular intervals and make sure your system is in the best shape possible.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Buying Air Conditioning for Dummies - Part 2

Recap from the last article - Here are the six components of your Air Conditioning System.

(1) Outdoor air cooled condenser or heat pump.
(2) Indoor evaporator coil, this device works in conjunction with the outdoor unit.
(3) Freon piping system connecting the outdoor condenser to the indoor evaporator.
(4) Indoor air handler (electric heat) or furnace (gas heat). They are the heating module and contain the blower providing the airflow for both heating and cooling.
(5) Air distribution system which consists of the ductwork, grilles and register.
(6) Air filtering or clean air component, i.e. whole house air purification system.

And So we Continue...

I should mention at this time, your HVAC system is most likely the largest energy consuming appliance in your home and competes with the automobile in producing pollutants that may have an adverse impact on our environment. The pollution is not seeping directly form your system but from the power plant producing the electricity for your AC unit. Finally, I would like for you to realize this acquisition for your home will be with you for a decade or more, so proceed with caution as all air conditioning units, furnaces or the installing contractors are NOT created equal and the decision you are about to make will be long lasting.   

HVAC systems are purchased from and installed by heating and air conditioning contractors and the contractor is required by law to have a State License.  The State requires the contractor to maintain liability insurance and display their Name and License number on all trucks/vehicles in use of service or installing HVAC systems.

You will be buying your new HVAC system from a local installing contractor who will recommend an air conditioner and furnace unit brand such as Carrier, Trane, Lennox or a number of generic brands.  You might ask why some contractors recommend one brand over the other, well that’s simple, it is called dealerships. Just like the automobile industry the Ford dealer must meet Fords strict qualifications and most likely doesn’t sell Toyota who has its own specialized dealers and is a direct competitor. So most established HVAC contractors are a dealer of a premium brand, meaning they meet the requirements and training of the equipment manufacturer so, obviously that is the brand they will recommend. Some of these contractors will offer a premium brand with a generic offer for a lower price and promote it as being as good as the premium; the old bait and switch. The largest groupings of service contractors are the one or two men operations.  There is more small operators than large companies and they will recommend the generic brands because they don’t meet the major brands rigid qualifications. So, think on this for a while, and we will venture into the most important part next time.

For any queries or questions please contact Chapman Air Conditioning or call us at 214-340-4999

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trane Rooftop Unit Hoist, with helicopter.

So yesterday morning - Early morning, we drove out to Grapevine Mills Mall, because Chapman Air was lifting Rooftop Units onto the roof of the Mall. We get there, there is this HUGE, bright red Helicopter, just sitting there waiting for us - EXCITING. So I jump out, get my camera ready and start snapping away. its not often that I am let out of the office onto the job sites, so I had to make the most of it.

Sirkosky S-58-t and she was a beut. 5 State Helicopters In provided the bird and pilots, and of course Trane provided the rooftop units, All being coordinated by Chapman Air & Heat, albeit fretfully - by Carla.

So I took a couple of still shots whilst the crews got everything settled and organized. Air Conditioning is no joke and they had to get all their equipment ready, positioned, though I don't envy them because the boss was along to watch this one, and he is a stickler for procedure and getting things done right - the first time. So after about 30 minutes everything was ready, and the HeliWhopper was fired up. You would not believe the wash that those rotters made. One technician's helmet was blown clean off, and he had to scurry to get it back - because safety first, and you do not want to be underneath a helicopter with no helmet on.

Within a matter of minutes, the pilot had the bird in the air, hoisting the Trane Rooftop units and depositing them on the roof, with an efficiency and speed that I could only admire. It is always a pleasure to work with people who know what they are doing, and these jocks knew their stuff. So 4 Roof top units - hoisted with great ease, and now I can die a happy man.

Chapman Air & Heat, they sure know their stuff.

Job Ruzvidzo

Friday, June 11, 2010

Buying Air Conditioning for Dummies

**Warning; this is a boring document. However, if you can drudge thorough it, you will develop a better understanding of your home air conditioning & heating system. The purpose is to give you the knowledge (power) to select an Air Conditioning Contractor and equipment that will fit your family’s indoor comfort, budget and your home energy consumption.   

Let’s start with a little background about this unappreciated appliance called central air conditioning. Yes, I said unappreciated because most likely your furnace is in some dark closet, damp basement or dirty attic and the A/C unit is outside hidden behind shrub or bush. The only part of the system you are familiar with is the thermostat.  The human need to control indoor comfort began way back during the Roman Empire but for us it was with Willis Carrier’s revolutionary new invention in the year of 1914; a system that would control temperature, humidity, air circulation, ventilation and cleanse the air. Now in the 21 Century this appliance provides indoor comfort for millions of American families. 

First, you should know what you are buying is a central heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC, AC, air conditioning, heat pump, electric heating, furnace,) system that consist of six components:
(1) Outdoor air cooled condenser or heat pump.
(2) Indoor evaporator coil, this device works in conjunction with the outdoor unit.
(3) Freon piping system connecting the outdoor condenser to the indoor evaporator.
(4) Indoor air handler (electric heat) or furnace (gas heat). They are the heating module and contain the blower providing the airflow for both heating and cooling.
(5) Air distribution system which consists of the ductwork, grilles and register.
(6) Air filtering or clean air component, i.e. whole house air purification system.

Phew, done with the first part. Next we will be showing you how your HVAC system is most likely the largest energy consuming appliance in your home, and how you NEED to take a bit more time into making the right purchase.

For more insights, visit our website, www.chapmanair.com and see all the services we offer in your neighborhood.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Can Energy Savings Help your Marriage?

Can Energy Savings Help your Marriage?

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My wife and I have been trying to cut back on the budget lately.  A summer full of household projects, a vacation, and general “if you want it, buy it” attitude has left us a bit leaner in the bank account.  It’s not too bad, we didn’t go into debt, just depleted some of our savings.

As we reviewed our spending, it suddenly occurred to me . . . we haven’t had to worry about spiking energy bills in the summer and winter in over two years.  Prior to moving into our new home, we would have to account for a couple of HUGE electric bills in the summer and a couple of HUGE natural gas bills during the winter.  With our new, energy efficient,  all-electric home, that just doesn’t happen anymore.
I logged into my account at my electric utility and reviewed the last 12 months bills.  My average bill was $154, with the highest being $216 and the lowest $103.

Many of my friends routinely will see a $300-$400 electric bill during the summer and a $200+ bill during the winter.


Because our bills are much lower and more predictable, the impact to our budget isn’t noticeable.  Sure, we could use levelized billing so that our bills didn’t spike, but it’s nice to know that our lower bills will result in fewer emergency budget “discussions” throughout the month.  This, of course, makes for a happier marriage in my household.

So, what can you do if you don’t already have an energy efficient home?  Call Chapman Air & Heat on 214-340-4999 and speak to one of our energy experts about the New, Greener and more efficient Trane XL20i

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Giving the Running of the Bulls a Deeper Purpose

It is billed as the second biggest party in the world, just after Carnival in Rio.  Estimates say that 1.5 to 2 million people descend on this slice of northern Spain for 8 days of relaxation and revelry.  The event was actually founded in 1591 to honor the beheaded bishop, San Fermîn.  This is why everyone is asked to wear the red bandana, remembering his unfortunate end.  The festival itself is heavy with religious significance, and includes processions, special religious services, and a deep cultural reverence for the patron saint of Pamplona.  With that said, the Running of the Bulls has a well-earned reputation for non-stop revelry followed by mortal danger each morning as the bulls are run through the streets of ancient Pamplona.  

I first ran with the bulls in 2004, not having any clue that there was a religious festival going on, nor did I know that the bulls run on eight consecutive days, not just the most famous day of July 7th.  Having returned to Pamplona to produce a documentary, study Spanish, and start a business, I now see the big picture and am amazed at what the Running of the Bulls has become.  Of course, anytime you gather 2 million in a town of about 700,000, lots of interesting things tend to happen.  That's why we strive to get above the crowd and rent a balcony to watch the running of the bulls from a safe distance. 

It was such a fantastic experience that I decided to start a business offering bull runners and spectators housing, balconies, afternoon tapas and wine, and other amenities to help them enjoy the fiesta in style.  After a while, though, we felt that the party needed a purpose..  Relaxation is just fine, but we wanted to create a mechanism to do good while we had fun.  That's why we created Run With a Purpose (tm).  This program links vendors of balconies, apartments, and hotels in Pamplona with economic development projects in Latin America.  

We have decided to award all proceeds from the Pamplona balcony rental business to projects of PersonalPhilanthropy.org.   PersonalPhilanthropy.org is a non-profit corporation and oversees all aspects of the programs, so you can rest assured that the money is well-used.  If you'd like to do good while having fun, consider taking the trip of a lifetime and join us at the Running of the Bulls 2010 in Pamplona this July 6th through 14th.  

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


News Release


Contact:    Bryan Davenport
        Trane Residential Systems
        District Sales Manager


Dallas, TX – February 3, 2010 -- Trane Residential Solutions, a division of Ingersoll Rand. (NYSE:IR), announced that Chapman A/C of Dallas, Texas has been awarded the prestigious Top Ten Award by the North Texas Trane Sales Office.  The Top Ten Award is based on Trane purchase volume in the Replacement, New Construction and Light Commercial arenas. The Top Ten winners are the companies that have attended all the technical and business training and have implemented sound business growth strategies that are focused on Retail Selling.
Chapman Air & Heat was founded in 1981 by Marvin Chapman due to a desire to provide quality service to the Dallas Metroplex. Customers are Chapman's top priority, offering a number of very important services to keep them comfortable all year round. Chapman is proud to be a Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer, a member of the Better Business Bureau, Air Conditioning Contractors of America and a member of your community.

For more information about Trane’s products and services log on to www.trane.com

For more information about Chapman log on to www.chapmanair.com

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chapman Air Revolutionizing A/C service in Plano

Since 1981 Chapman Air & Heat has been on the Forefront of Air Conditioning & Heating service, repair and installations in Plano. With New technologies, and new training methods, Chapman has remained unparalleled in Service, professionalism and customer satisfaction.

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"Chapman Air & Heat‎ - more info »1345 Jupiter Rd, Plano, TX‎ - (972) 618-7991‎4 reviews - Write a review - 1 coupon"We would like to thank Chapman Air & Heat for pushing through our installation. They really helped us and provided awesome customer service. ...""
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