Friday, June 11, 2010

Buying Air Conditioning for Dummies

**Warning; this is a boring document. However, if you can drudge thorough it, you will develop a better understanding of your home air conditioning & heating system. The purpose is to give you the knowledge (power) to select an Air Conditioning Contractor and equipment that will fit your family’s indoor comfort, budget and your home energy consumption.   

Let’s start with a little background about this unappreciated appliance called central air conditioning. Yes, I said unappreciated because most likely your furnace is in some dark closet, damp basement or dirty attic and the A/C unit is outside hidden behind shrub or bush. The only part of the system you are familiar with is the thermostat.  The human need to control indoor comfort began way back during the Roman Empire but for us it was with Willis Carrier’s revolutionary new invention in the year of 1914; a system that would control temperature, humidity, air circulation, ventilation and cleanse the air. Now in the 21 Century this appliance provides indoor comfort for millions of American families. 

First, you should know what you are buying is a central heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC, AC, air conditioning, heat pump, electric heating, furnace,) system that consist of six components:
(1) Outdoor air cooled condenser or heat pump.
(2) Indoor evaporator coil, this device works in conjunction with the outdoor unit.
(3) Freon piping system connecting the outdoor condenser to the indoor evaporator.
(4) Indoor air handler (electric heat) or furnace (gas heat). They are the heating module and contain the blower providing the airflow for both heating and cooling.
(5) Air distribution system which consists of the ductwork, grilles and register.
(6) Air filtering or clean air component, i.e. whole house air purification system.

Phew, done with the first part. Next we will be showing you how your HVAC system is most likely the largest energy consuming appliance in your home, and how you NEED to take a bit more time into making the right purchase.

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  1. Thanks for the bit of history there. I love how you talk about your work, it is inspiring!

  2. Thank you. We have to make this topic interesting somehow. Your average person does not even think or worry about their air conditioning unit until the day it physically stops working. Trying to overcome such a mentality is very hard - so we need to get people talking about it, talking about maintenance and upgrade options and energy savings.

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  4. HVAC equipment can go out at the most inconvenient times. Our preventative maintenance plans can help avoid this; but if an emergency does arise, one phone call will put you in touch with a technician who can handle any of your needs. We promise to be there for you.