Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trane Rooftop Unit Hoist, with helicopter.

So yesterday morning - Early morning, we drove out to Grapevine Mills Mall, because Chapman Air was lifting Rooftop Units onto the roof of the Mall. We get there, there is this HUGE, bright red Helicopter, just sitting there waiting for us - EXCITING. So I jump out, get my camera ready and start snapping away. its not often that I am let out of the office onto the job sites, so I had to make the most of it.

Sirkosky S-58-t and she was a beut. 5 State Helicopters In provided the bird and pilots, and of course Trane provided the rooftop units, All being coordinated by Chapman Air & Heat, albeit fretfully - by Carla.

So I took a couple of still shots whilst the crews got everything settled and organized. Air Conditioning is no joke and they had to get all their equipment ready, positioned, though I don't envy them because the boss was along to watch this one, and he is a stickler for procedure and getting things done right - the first time. So after about 30 minutes everything was ready, and the HeliWhopper was fired up. You would not believe the wash that those rotters made. One technician's helmet was blown clean off, and he had to scurry to get it back - because safety first, and you do not want to be underneath a helicopter with no helmet on.

Within a matter of minutes, the pilot had the bird in the air, hoisting the Trane Rooftop units and depositing them on the roof, with an efficiency and speed that I could only admire. It is always a pleasure to work with people who know what they are doing, and these jocks knew their stuff. So 4 Roof top units - hoisted with great ease, and now I can die a happy man.

Chapman Air & Heat, they sure know their stuff.

Job Ruzvidzo

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