Tuesday, August 11, 2009

EPA to Phase out R-22 Refrigerant

EPA to Phase out R-22 Refrigerant

Are you ready for the phase-out of freon (R-22) for your home’s air conditioner?
If not and you are thinking about replacing your equipment, here is some helpful information:

Most existing air conditioners that are 5 years old or older use R-22, which was commonplace. As of January 2010, equipment manufacturer’s can no longer make air conditioning units that require R-22. There will be a supply of R-22 to use for servicing existing equipment until 2020. The newer environmentally friendly freon, 410A, has been used for several years but now it is government mandated this will be the freon used for residential air conditioning units.

As a consumer, you will be limited on what type of equipment you can use in your home if you are not aware of the guidelines. For important information, please go to the EPA website or visit our website www.chapmanair.com

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