Friday, February 10, 2012

Customer Service is Key

We have always heard that keeping an existing customer costs less overall than trying to solicit new business. We also know that if we concentrate all our efforts on that while our competition is focusing on gaining new customers we will eventually lose. Obviously, we have to do both. But, we will leave marketing to the experts and go with what we know. How do we retain our existing customers?

A.                   Quality.  Of course, you have to offer a great product and service at fair prices.  That’s a given.  

B.                    Convenience. Let’s face it; it is one of the most challenging aspects of a service company. Serving our customers, in a timely manner, trying to accommodate their schedule without staying open 24/7 is not an easy feat. And in peak seasons when demand for service is high, it gets even more challenging. But, it is almost a mantra at Chapman Air “we will not lose a customer because we could not meet their scheduling request.”

C.                   Care. It is the most essential element. First of all, it is impossible to deliver A or B without C. Even though we strive for 100% on all points, if we miss the mark at all a caring attitude can go a long way in resolving problems.  A customer will recognize and appreciate genuine concern when they see it. We believe this is why we at Chapman Air & Heat have retained so many customers these past 30 + years!

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