Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Profit or Non-Profit

Is Business for Profit Immoral??
Some folks from the left believe that capitalism and for profit businesses are immoral in nature. With the President encouraging public service, many of our college professors are voting for the leftist candidates and many of our youth are seeking not for profit jobs. At first glance, working for the government or non profits seems like a noble cause but could there be a more cynical political agenda at work here? Are community organizations the missionaries for the new Church of Government?

Executive Pay at Non-Profits in Question (UPI.com) Sept. 1, 09
A nonprofit organization (NPO) is an organization that does not distribute its’ surplus funds to owners or shareholders, but instead uses them to help pursue its’ meaningful goals. The amount of money a lot of these NPO executives are paid is in conflict with what most of us believe an NPO should stand for. For example: Sol Pelavin, Chief Executive Officer of AIR was paid $1.1 million and Stephen Moseley, President of AED, said his salary was $879,530. Both of these NPOs received taxpayer’s money from USAID… which is the United States Federal Government organization responsible for most non-military foreign aid with a budget of $39.5 billion dollars.

I would like to suggest that neither businesses nor profits are immoral. It is people and people without accountability which are more likely to become corrupt. With the non-profits becoming the fastest growing lobbyist in Washington receiving your donations through taxation, would you have chosen these charitable organizations? Is it moral that these non-profits and public service jobs be 8-20 times greater than the median annual household income of $50,233?

What’s your take on all this?

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  1. Oh come on, how could profit be considered a crime? It is businesses that give out employment and in the long run livelihood, what's the harm in getting money in that. While I agree that working for non-profits is a noble thing, I don't think that it will be beneficial for everyone to have non-profits all the way.