Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beloved Family Dog Dies While Being Groomed

Daisy, my little 6 year old "niece dog" died tragically at the hands of the groomer last month. She walked in a happy healthy little Bichon and within a few hours was dead. The groomer called my S-I-L and told her to meet her at the vet's but no explanation as to why. When SIL arrived, Daisy was dead and the groomer was not answering any questions. The vet said Daisy was overheated by the dryer.

All questions asked as to what happened have gone unanswered but will soon be answered when the groomer has to go to court. Since Daisy can't "bark" for herself, she will have her day in court. Our beloved pets are not property, they are precious family members. My SIL and family are heartbroken. For those who have lost a beloved pet, you know the sadness experienced. It is this case, how long did Daisy suffer before she died.

The groomer never called my SIL stating she was sorry, absolutely nothing. Groomers need to be held accountable. If it was a true accident, she should have said that the minute Daisy fell ill. Her cold silence has said plenty. 

Please check out your groomer even if you have been using the same one for years. Do they have a medical emergency plan? Are cameras installed so you can see how your pet is being handled?  Have you ever had reason to think your dog was mistreated by the way he/she acted when you picked them up OR how do they acted when you drop them off?  Some of the best advise I was given when reading up on tragic stories like this and there were numerous stories around the country about deaths such as Daisy's, is to check to see if your vet offers grooming and if so, take your special friend there.

Think of Daisy next time you take your dog to the groomer. If they are not willing to show you around, explain exactly how your dog is groomed, dryed, etc. LEAVE!

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