Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Whats The Best SEER???

WHAT’S BEST??? High efficient air conditioning systems that cost more up front or the bare minimum efficient unit that cost less, perhaps considerably less but MORE????

Latest nationwide studies are showing that lower end efficiency units are still chosen over the higher end efficiency units. One can’t argue that the current state of our economy has affected consumer purchasing but dealers may very well be responsible for less efficient units being purchased. Why is this? Perhaps it is because we assume this is all the consumer can afford or because a cheap price sells a lot faster than a higher price. Perhaps it is because the manufacturer found the loop-hole to make units and ship dry of Freon so consumers can still just replace their outdoor unit that utilizes Freon R-22 and keep their old indoor equipment. Last but not least, perhaps lower end equipment is offered due to the fact the dealer is not educated themselves on offering higher efficient equipment and what it does and how it saves money for the customer. In other words, what is there to “sale” with low end equipment?

As dealers, are we doing right by our customers by offering a cheap easy solution? Does the customer have all the facts how this purchase will be impacted as R-22 keeps being phased out and the price keeps soaring? Do they understand that?
  • Higher efficient units offer immediate relief on utility bills
  • Higher efficient units offer a stellar level of comfort
  • Higher efficient units are dependable, requires far less service
  • Dry units are the very minimum 13 SEER which offer no measurable energy savings
  • Dry R-22 units are just band aids and probably, sooner than later, will need to be replaced with the more efficient 410-A systems.                                                             

Still, are we (dealers) truly helping the customer? Let me answer that for you, NO.

Let’s hear from the customer…What do you want?


  1. High efficient buy does not gobble up electricity and cause more electric bills.

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